BBQ & Buns in Plovdiv is a place where you can enjoy delicious food prepared with care and skill. Chef Dichev and his team aim to provide their customers with a unique experience, satisfying all the senses. Welcome to 34 Tsanko Dustabanov Street, where you will be amazed by a cozy atmosphere.

For the implementation of the project for outdoor advertising, the restaurant turned to the Advertising Agency Media Design, as we have over 20 years of experience in branding.

Illuminated signs for BBQ & Buns, Plovdiv

After our designer designed the BBQ & Buns logo, our specialists prepared a plan for overall branding. For the facade, we made a composite panel sign with illuminated built-in letters from orange plexiglass. Next to it, we installed an illuminated console sign with an aluminum profile and a face of 3 mm plexiglass opal. The face was covered with 3M translucent film.

The advertising products are illuminated with LED modules of the reliable and proven Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. Their technology fits all types of illuminated signs and, thanks to their durability, extends the life of any product.

Enhanced advertising effect with window branding

To achieve maximum advertising effect, we covered the window with high quality 3M 5525-324 Scotchcal Sandblast Film – sandblasting film, suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. In the middle of the glass film, we placed the BBQ & Buns logo, cut from orange PVC film.

Indoor advertising is no less important, and for this reason, we installed PVC film on the bar with the trademark of the restaurant. Thus completed, the outdoor advertising project stands out clearly and emphasizes the style of the restaurant.

Client:  BBQ & Buns

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv