Established in 1992, Euromarket Group has a reputation as a leader in its industry. They strive to continue their development by expanding their regional offices to be as close as possible to their customers and to offer more and better products and services. The company entrusted the Media Design advertising agency with the branding of their company car.

Branding a company car

The Euromarket management trusted our experienced specialists to wrap their company car with advertising graphics. We used a high-grade polymeric vinyl. We have different types of PVC vinyl according to the surface to be wrapped. We trust the American leader 3M in the choice of materials because the quality and durability of the final product are our priority.

A branded car brings more attention to your business without a day off. You get 24-hour advertising that helps you build an image and a good reputation.

Free advertisement

Wrapping a company car with advertising graphics is a proven and winning strategy. This is the only way to create so-called free advertising. Experience has shown that branding requires only an initial investment, and then you get it back many times over.

Client:  Euromarket

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv