Izoflor Ltd. is a company specialized in the supply and installation of industrial flooring based on reactive resins with proven, enterprise applications in the food industry and industrial companies. “Izoflor” is becoming a fast-developing company, and carries out projects throughout the country.

Branding a company car

Car branding can be done in several ways. The wrapping of Isoflor’s company car is a typical example of simple and specific advertising graphics. The second type of branding is shown in the company’s’ minivan.

The main purpose is to present contact information with a clean design and image of the company logo.

We used high-end polymeric film, once again trusting the American company 3M – the world leader in the production of industrial materials.

What are the benefits of advertising graphics?

The branded car helps your business become recognizable to ordinary consumers. Unobtrusive advertising has been considered one of the most profitable marketing strategies for years. You have an initial investment (sticking with advertising graphics), and then even in the parking lot, the car does not stop advertising you.

Client:  Изофлор ЕООД

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv

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