The Sunny Bakery is a magical place with a lot of delicious cookies, cakes, and a pleasant atmosphere. You can find it on its new address at 7A Zornitsa Str., Plovdiv. You will be fascinated by many „hand made“ sweets and baking: boutique cakes, muffins, French macaroons, brownie, and other pastry temptations.

Sign making company Media Design produced all the outdoor signage elements for the bakery. We installed signs and vinyl lettering that fully respond to the style of the site and the requirements of the client.

Illuminated signs guide to the Sunny Bakery

Media Design installed two illuminated flexible face signs with aluminum returns. This sign system is durable and sturdy, ensuring high resistance to the outdoor atmospheric conditions. The design is modern and suits this type of industry. There are printed images that decorate the signs and showcase them.

The smaller sign is double-sided to make the bakery visible from the two road directions.

Decorative vinyl film elements make the site branding more impressive

The lettering installed on the showcase indicates that the sweets and baking are “hand made”. The stylish vinyl graphics make the glass facade more attractive for the visitors. Illuminated signs in combination with showcase branding create a modern advertising vision.

Client:  The Sunny Bakery

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv