G&V Logistics is a young but fast growing company that successfully ranks among the leaders in the field of logistics. With its experienced, international team of specialists, G&V Logistics plans, stores and delivers your cargo to anywhere in Europe, using first-class trucks.

Fleet branding – G&V Logistics

We branded the fleet of G&V Logistics with advertising graphics on the company truck cabs. The main focus was on the company logo, which is placed on the front of the cabins. The remaining advertising graphics display contact and website information.

We trusted the American company 3M once again creating the graphics. The high-quality self-adhesive polymeric vinyl is durable and long-lasting.

What happens after the car branding?

The main goal when wrapping cars is to create mobile advertising for your business, which promotes the activity and the offered services. According to the used materials, the durability of the graphics is from 2 to 5 years. Contrary to rumors, after removing the vynil, the car does not need to be repainted. Not if is used a 3M film (3M Scotchcal 40, 3M Scotchcal 50, 3M IJ40). 3M vinyls has an adhesive layer that allows easy peeling and this eliminates the possibility of sticky glue traces on the car.

Клиент:  G&V Logistics

Дата:  Август 2019

Гаранция: 3 години

Град: Пловдив