We branded IIKO company’s cars

IIKO is known for the implementation of complete interior solutions for residential and public buildings. For more than 26 years they have been offering quality, guarantee, and stability. That’s why they turned to Media Design to create advertising graphics for their company car, bus, and truck.

Our team of professionals has experience in branding cars with self-adhesive film. All projects are created with 3M’s products, specialized in adverse weather conditions. In this case we used the highest class foil for complete wrapping the cars – cast foil 3M 180 with cast laminate 3M 8518, which protects from scratches and UV rays. Wide temperature range (-54 to +107 C), water resistance and petroleum fumes.

This is the key for a perfect company car

Why should you brand your cars?

These days the business competition is very aggressive, that is why every company owner should make everything possible for their brand to stand out and be recognizable. Branding of company cars is a very popular outdoor advertising. Colors and captions make your business recognizable on a daily basis, without unnecessary paying for extra advertising. An important moment of creating this type of promotion is to pay enough attention to the design of advertising graphics, which should be attractive enough to provoke interest and curiosity in your potential customers.

By fulfilling these conditions, it is guaranteed that your services and products will be noticed, and your business will be crowned with success.

Client: Furniture House IIKO

Date: March 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia