Abacus Broker has been successfully developing its activity since 2008. The company offers a wide range of insurance services to ensure the needed security and serenity of its clients. Abacus Broker always protects its clients’ interests and it is at their disposal throughout the insurance period.

The insurance broker chose Media Design Advertising Agency for the design and branding of the new office in Plovdiv. The office is situated on the ground floor of a large business building in the city center.

Along the full length of the office, there are showcases that are a part of the architecture design of the business center. Media Design team offered a modern business design with a quality glass film so the insurance broker office to stand out of the facade.

Glass film lettering designates the office of Abakus Broker

We used high-quality film for electrocuting and printing to decorate the glass facade. As a 3M authorized manufacturer we work exclusively with the products of the leading US manufacturer 3M. At the Abacus Broker project, we combined a few types of films for flat surfaces as glass. All the lettering was made of white polymeric film 3M Scotchcal 50. The logos of the insurance companies and the broker were produced from digitally printed film 3M Scotchcal IJ40 with gloss overlaminate. The two types of vinyl film guarantee the excellent durability of the advertisement.

Fasara film decoration is an attractive accent from the outdoor design

Wrapping the glass facade with 3M Fasara Glass Decorative finishes is another impressive part of office branding. We used the film finish Lontano Graduate that gives the office an elegant aesthetic appeal and adds particle privacy. At the bottom side of the windows, the pattern is saturated and smoothly diluting, and overflowing to transparency at the top side. 3M Fasara films has also safety functions protecting the glass in case of accidental breakage. The film finishes block 99% of the UV rays so in summer at the office is cooler and in winter there is no heat loss. Window decoration films Fasara improves energy efficiency.

Client:  Abacus Broker

Date: April 2019

Warranty: –

Location: Plovdiv