Branding that catches the eye

Media Design has many years of experience in partial or total adhesive stickering cars with self-adhesive film. The impressive effect is created by our graphic designers. The finished look is stylish, elegant, and outstanding. Would be a pleasure to drive a car like that. Last years, tuning enthusiasts have been able to enjoy a huge palette of colors and textures to make their car more attractive.

Our team of professionals refine the details to achieve a innovative look. We trust the American world leader – 3M, whose products are created with additional resistance even in adverse weather conditions. Even the most complex 3D elements on the interior and exterior of the car are perfectly positioned with the company’s self-adhesive foil.

Despite personal uses and purposes, branding can be your best friend in business too, as a outdoor advertising with a full return on the initial investment.

Be fancy even when you drive

Wrapping your car is something very trendy these days. The reason why is so popular is in 3M’s innovative system which helps you to work with the product even without previous experience.

Client: Individual

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years