Tyre shop Medina-Med, located in Ruse, was branded with high-quality advertising materials. We manufactured many illuminated and non-illuminated advertising installations. All elements were designed and manufactured with similar materials and technologies in consideration of the corporate identity of the company.

Illuminated channel letters with alurapid and plexiglas mounted on the roof of Medina-Med factory

The Medina-Med channel letters and logo are made from alurapid and plexiglas. They are mounted on the roof of the factory with a special metal construction that provides additional stability to the installation. The acrylic face of the channel letters is applied with 3M Translucent 2330 film in the colors of the logo (red, black, and white). The special features of the film provide reduction of glare and increase the brightness of the printed graphic. The channel letters and the logo are illuminated with G.O.Q. LED modules. Constructed like this, the channel letters guarantee stability and long-term durability of the ad.

The inscription “Сервиз гуми” is made from non-illuminated acrylic channel letters.

An illuminated sign on the facade of the building

The top tire brands, offered by Medina-Med, are highlighted with large signs mounted on the facade of the building. The brands are MichelinContinental, and Goodyear. The signs are made entirely from vinyl applied with translucent film and aluminum sign systems.

One of the illuminated signs is applied with white block-out film 3635 for attractive illuminated effect.

Etalbond signs for additional informative elements

The number of the garages of Medina-Med Ruse are made from etalbond combined with numbers made from electrocute film. The lettering “office”, is an informative sign. All small elements are part of the factory and contribute to its more effective brand recognition.

Client:   Medina-Med

Date:  March 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Ruse