Client: Vesta EOOD

Date: June 2019

Type: Site Branding

City: Sofia

Flawless installation of perforated film on glass facade

Media Design made a full branding of the showcases of the Vesta EOOD’ office in Sofia. We installed perforated films with digital printing graphics on the glass facade. As a 3M Authorized manufacturer of outdoor advertise, we trusted again the materials of the leading company in film industry – 3M. For Vesta’ project we used high quality calendered film for digital printing 3M Scotchcal Perforated Film IJ1229. This window film installation is baked in 3M MCS Warranty.

What are the advanteges of perforated film on showcases for the office?

Using perforated film on glass facades or windows creates an effect and attractive graphics advertises without compromising visibility from inside to outside. All the small perforated holes on the film surface ensure daylight in the room and at the same time do not influence the printed graphics to be seen from outside. The perforated film is white on the image side and black on the adhesive side. It allows printing graphics to be seen on one side and still allows viewing through the window from the other side.

After the showcases were wrapped with perforated film graphics, the Vesta’ office received a complete privacy during the day. It received a stylish look that helps to be more attractive for its clients. Branding glass facades with perforated film provides opportunities to realize even the most untypical advertising ideas.