Branding Pleven – Agrion office

Client: Agrion

Date: December 2019

Warranty: 2 years

Type: Channel letters from Acrylic

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Pleven

Agrion is a company specialized in the management of agricultural assets. Today, they have a network of offices throughout the country and a highly qualified team of specialists in the largest cities.

The team helps increasing the added value of the Bulgarian agriculture.

They trusted us in branding their new office in Pleven, developing illuminated channel letter.

The branding done by our team is stylish and perfectly matches the identity of the client’s company.

Branding Pleven - office Agrion

For it’s base we used 2mm sheet aluminum. Thus, the construction is lightweight, practical and stable. This makes it suitable for all weather conditions. It mounts at the appropriate place conveniently and quickly. In order to maximize Agrion’s corporate identity, the green color of the plate is achieved by RAL system powder coating.

The precision in the development is so aesthetically pleasing that the branding can attract the attention of all passers-by.

Agrion in Pleven - even more recognizable

We made their logo from channel letters with acrylic. In this case, the acrylic is appropriate for developing the font of the channel letters. For the illumination on the letters of the sign Agrion, we trusted for yet another time the Korean modules with Samsung chip – G.O.Q LED. They’re with proven quality, longevity and are energy efficient.

Our team in Media Design created the channel letters from acrylic for the company Agrion.