Tart Bakery offers its customers a rich abundance of salty and sweet temptations to delight your senses. You can visit it in Plovdiv, 34a Dame Gruev Str. The management turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the branding of their company car.

Branding Tart Bakery company car

When creating advertising graphics, our team uses high-quality 3M Print Wrap IJ180 wide-format film. Cast, self-adhesive film for surfaces with complex 3D curves, specialized for complete application of cars. It is developed with acrylate adhesive and improved Controltac and Comply systems.

Effective investment return

The fact that car wrapping is a time-tested advertising strategy with which you get your initial investment back in a short time has become more and more popular. Advertising agency Media Design offers its clients an easy way to choose the desired car vision according to their goals, motives and budget.

Client: Tart Bakery

Date: October 2021

Warranty: 2 years

City: Plovdiv