Media Design did the branding of the Residential complex “ELITE PARK”.

Residential complex “ELITE PARK” is the right choice for the people who are looking for European quality and comfort when choosing a home. It is located at 76 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., close to all social services and service units in the area. They needed new, modern vision for the building and this is why they trusted Media Design’s team of professionals for branding the complex.

Interior and exterior signs and embossed letters made of plexiglas and stainless steel.

Our team created embossed letters made of Plexiglas and stainless steel, glass interior signs, and external signs. The elegant vision of the letters is great addition o the architectural style of the new building. They are effective because they combine two different materials – Plexiglas and stainless steel. Each of them has a wide range of colors and designs. In addition, this type of advertising letters is popular not only because they are stylish and beautiful, they have also durability and stability that will not change over the years.

We made the interiror signs from glass and we installed them with holders. The vision of the sign is created precisely to be compatible with the whole residential complex style. Exterior signs helps for proper vision communication.

Branding is common advertizing practise, suitable for any king of bisness like office administration, hotels, shops etc. A stylish advertizing will help your brand stand out with individuality.

Клиент:  “Парк Елит”

Date: April 2020

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv