Avangard Consult is an independent commercial and administrative complex. There is a team of engineers who readily respond and provide technical assistance and advice when needed. Their customers can count on delivery of goods to them within 24 hours.

Over the years, the company has repeatedly trusted the Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of various advertising products. This time they turned to us for wrapping decorative glass film in their store.

Branding windows with frosted film – Avangard Consult

The Media Design Advertising Agency’s team performed branding with glass decorative films in an office. When choosing materials, we once again trusted the American leader 3M. We installed cast, self-adhesive frost film series 3M Scotchcal with a frosted, matte effect.

It contains crystal clear adhesive, which guarantees uniformity of vision on both sides. Another advantage is that it is easy to clean and removes glare from the glass. The frost film provides unlimited design possibilities.

Why brand your site?

When branding you have the opportunity to create an authentic and unique vision for your office, shop or base. In this way you will establish your business image in the eyes of your customers. Advertising agency Media Design has experienced professionals who will help you with this task. The project will be prepared to be implemented quickly and efficiently and in the service of your brand.

Client: Avangard Consult

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv