Medical Center Dr. Lyudmil Dimitrov in Plovdiv specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disc herniations and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. There you can find healing programs combining the latest modern and alternative treatments.

They turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for building a visual communication in their site.

Interior signs for visual communication at Laser Medical Center Dr. Lyudmil Dimitrov

For LMC we created informational signs and engraved metal plates. Some of them were mounted at a distance with special holders, the others were directly glued on the wall.

In this way, all rooms are marked, and visitors will have no difficulty finding what they need. In addition, thanks to the interior signs, the site looks finished and leaves a good impression.

Countless possibilities for your business

The informational and interior signs could be helpful for any type of business. There are multiple variations for implementations: plexiglass, glass, ceramics, and PVC. They can be engraved and cut by laser. Media Design Advertising Agency use also precious metals such as golden stainless steel.

Another big advantage is the elegant look and strength of all the illuminated and non-illuminated interior signs we produce. We make everything possible to present your company’s identity and in addition, to receive durable advertising products with long life.

Client: Laser medical center Dr. Lyudmil Dimitrov

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv