BULTEX 99 Ltd is specialized in the production and supply of safety equipment and work clothing, import and trade of protective outfits, and personal protective equipment. Their products guarantee health and safety at work by protecting workers against harmful effects of the environment and working conditions.

Opened in September 2014, Trakia Conference Center has 2 conference rooms, a meeting room, and space for your corporate, corporate, and private parties. The conference halls are equipped with the most modern audio-visual equipment, which would impress not only you but also your current and future partners, guests, and clients.

Resistant illuminated channel letters Bultex99 with alurapid

The illuminated channel letters Bultex 99 Import Export and Trakia Conference Center are mounted on the roof of the Bultex 99 Building. In large scale projects such as this, the letters must be strong enough and stable.

The channel letters for the workwear company are made with acrylic face and alurapid returns. This combination of materials ensures the quality and strength of the outdoor sign. In addition, all illuminated channel letters are mounted on a stainless steel structure. Both of the building’s signs are illuminated with Samsung LEDs, with total power consumption of only 480W.

Client:  Bultex 99 & Trakia Conference Center

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia