Client: Central park

Date: July 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Car wrapping

Central Park restaurants are located in the picturesque town of Plovdiv, the City Garden and the Youth Hill. The pleasant atmosphere, with original interior design and lots of greenery around, and good cuisine make them a favorite place for local fans every season.

Stylish bus wrapping for Central park restaurants

For the restaurant chain in Plovdiv, we wrapped a bus with a stylish advertising vision following the spirit of the restaurants. The clean design, with a big and attractive graphic of the fresh salad from the menu, is appealing to the customer.

For the image we used 3M ™ Scotchcal ™ IJ40 film for digital printing with laminate that is applied on both sides and on the back of the bus. The surface on which the wrap is placed is almost smooth and this series of films is very suitable in this case (3M ™ Scotchcal ™ IJ40 is recommended for bonding on light curved surfaces). The  laminate enhances the effect of the graphic and at the same time keeps it for longer (life cycle up to 4 years).

The car graphic wrap of Central Park’s restaurants are made from cut 3M ™ Scotchcal ™ 50 film. All the necessary elements are displayed on the bus: website, slogan, restaurant logo.