Biomashin was founded in 1986 as a small state-owned enterprise serving the biotechnology industry. Since 1998 the company has been developing as a family company, which today is one of the fastest-growing and modern MSPs in the country. Today Biomashinostroene is a leading company specializing in the design and manufacture of technological equipment for the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The main products that the company produces are stainless steel vessels and heat exchangers.

Channel letters and logo with Plexiglass face and Aluminum pages

When our customers want large channel letters, we most often recommend the Alurapid system. This means that the channel letters have a plexiglass face and aluminum pages. This system is highly durable and also cost-effective. For Biomashin we also recreated the company logo with the system for very large letters. The face is made of vinyl, but the precise and fine workmanship makes it impossible to recognize, as it looks completely whole and smooth.

Made in this way, the letters are strong and, although large in size, they are lighter and easier to install. We mounted the products on the facade of the building and made sure that they could be seen from afar.

Strong and durable advert for years to come

Aluminum does not corrode, which means that this type of advertising products have a long service life. Resistant to adverse weather conditions, they can “outlive” their warranty period even twice. Another non-standard advantage is that a product of this type does not require maintenance. This saves each owner time and resources.

Client:  Biomashin

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv