The Austrian company Eglo holds a prominent position as a global leader in the production of lighting fixtures. With over 70 sales companies situated across five continents, Eglo has been committed to delivering modern lighting solutions with exceptional functionality and affordable prices for the past 50 years. Supporting green energy is one of the company’s missions, as they actively contribute to the development of lighting fixtures utilizing LED technology for sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

In regards to the new store of the Austrian company located in the city of Plovdiv, we were entrusted with creating an outdoor advertisement comprising of channel letters and the company’s logo.

Channel letters with a durable and stylish aluminum system

The complete illuminated advertisement for the store facade measures 480 cm in length and 160 cm in height. Considering the size of the channel letters and the logo, we opted for a system utilizing aluminum pages and a plexiglass face. This construction of the channel letters ensures stability and resistance to various weather conditions, while also exuding a stylish and elegant appearance that enhances the brand’s overall presentation.

To accurately replicate the company’s colors, we utilized 3M Teal Green Translucent film for the inscription. As a result, the advertising channel letters emit a glowing light in the company’s distinct color. Additionally, as per the customer’s request, we painted the aluminum profiles in a color of their choice, selected from the RAL system. The outcome produced illuminated channel letters and a logo that aligns with Eglo’s marketing vision—presentable and appealing.

SloanLED LED modules for the renowned brand

Eglo, being a prominent manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, carefully selected SloanLED LED modules, widely regarded as the best in the market for illuminating advertising products. These LED modules ensures exceptional durability, high efficiency, and reliable performance for the illuminated channel letters. The patented optical system technology integrated into the LED modules enables a wide angle of illumination, resulting in a bright and uniform distribution of light. This ensures that any brand illuminated with SloanLED modules leaves a lasting impression. At Media Design, we provide a comprehensive 5-year warranty for all illuminated advertisements with SloanLED lighting.

Client: Eglo Lithing Solutions

Date: November 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv