Illuminated channel letters with a system from acrylic and alurapid illuminates Gurgica store

Gurgica store for household goods in Plovdiv trusted us for their outdoor advertisement. We developed and installed illuminated channel letters with sides from alurapid and a face from white acrylic. These types of letters differentiate with high sustainability and a perfect outer look. Above that they are cheaper in comparison to the vinyl ones, which makes them preferred choice from our clients.

For even more effective and perfect vision, we illuminated the letters with LED modules from the leaders of the market – SloanLED. The American illuminating LEDs are equivalent for quality and longevity. Exactly the illumination is the determining factor for the warranty of the channel letters. Since the team of Media Design controls the whole process of development, we can surely guarantee their full warranty of 5 years.

Client:  store Gurigica

Date:  September 2016

Warranty: 5 years

Location: Plovdiv