Virazh Trade once again chose us to manufacture and install advertising products for their store in Plovdiv to enhance their branding. The new pump center has already gained recognition from afar and is attracting the interest of visitors.

Illuminated channel letters and logo with aluminum system

We have produced the channel letters with the company name and the inscription “Pump Center” using a proven, sustainable system with aluminum pages and plexiglass face. The colors were carefully selected to align with the company’s identity, making this outdoor advertisement easily recognizable and representative. The manufacturing technology used for the aluminum channel letters ensures both their durability and aesthetics. All the inscriptions are installed on a bright Etalbond sign, making them stand out against the facade. High-quality LED modules have been used to illuminate the signage, ensuring both reliability and efficiency of the installation.

Vinyl Advertisement of Pedrollo Water Pumps as an accent

In addition, we also created a vinyl advertisement that showcases one of the water pump brands offered by Virazh Trade – Pedrollo Water Pumps. It complements the overall vision of the site and features the online store of the company where all the pump models can be viewed.

Client: Virazh Trade water pumps

Date: November 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv