Borneo is a coffee shop located in London. There you can find traditional Bulgarian snacks, cakes, fresh fruit, and sandwiches. They also prepare cakes to order for your special day. The management of the restaurant turned to the Advertising Agency Media Design to create an illuminated advertisement.

Composite panel sign Borneo, London

There is no way to confuse a Borneo restaurant in London. The advertising product we created for them is distinguished by elegance. We made a sign on which we placed illuminated channel letters – Borneo and Cafe & Bakery from 4mm plexiglass. Along with their stylish appearance, composite panel signs are also distinguished by their strength. Once installed, they remain unchanged over time.

Other important advantages of the etalbond signs are the insulating properties and the variety of colors that is proposed. It is possible to design individual elements on the site such as columns, sills, and others.

Indoor advertising for maximum advertising effect

In addition to outdoor advertising, we made sure that the interior was appropriately branded. On this occasion, we created channel letters from light, porous material, which were installed behind the bar. We painted them in a dark color to contrast on the wooden base.

Long life with reliable LED modules

For the lighting of channel letters Borneo we used LED modules from the reliable manufacturer G.O.Q LED. Proven durable and resilient, they will help extend the life of your advertising product. Thus, the advertisement will be noticed from afar and will be at the service of all connoisseurs of delicious food.

Client: Borneo

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: London