Client: Boutique cakes Crispy

Date: November 2014

Warranty: 3 years


Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Plovdiv

Beautiful sign for Boutique cakes Crispy in Plovdiv

Boutique cakes Crispy, located in Plovdiv, was branded with high-quality illuminated advertising sign. For the purpose, we used composite panel with black matte illuminated “sandwich” type channel letters. The embossed channel letters and the logo are made from two types of Plexiglas – the base is from 10 mm clear Plexiglas combined with 3 mm opal Plexiglas. The inscription “Crispy” is also made from 10 mm clear Plexiglas, while the face was applied with 3M 2330 Scotchcal Red translucent film.

The company colors are – black, red, and white, they contrast with the advertising sign. The materials and the assembly technology used for this illuminated ad provide a more stylish and elegant look of the brand.

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