We covered with bond in wooden color the headquarter office on Telekabel, Pazardjik. We fully centered and stretched the facade with panels of bond. We dressed the columns, and filled the mounted top with aluminum composite panel.

Waterproofing of the facade with bond

The basic requirement for the filling of the facade with bond is the quality waterproofing. In our case, this requirement was even more important, because under the frieze we mounted the ceiling with bond on which we put speckles for the illumination on the entrance. In this case, every drop of water becomes a potential problem.

The most important part of the development of the facades with bond is the prior preparation and installation of the supporting structure. With correctly calculated and monitored construction the panels of bond can be mounted easy and on place. That’s how we can avoid what is so popular in Bulgaria readjustment, from which the whole construction can only suffer damages.

Covering bond with wooden texture

The point of this project was to make it elegant and at the same time very noticeable office on one of the most visited streets in Pazardjik. The stretched by a string frizes, columns and mounted ceiling in a nice wooden color, now contrast significantly from the other mass advertisements.

This facade with bond gives the office a whole done look and feel, it gives confidence to the brand. The bond covered advertisements is always a good solution if we want to show good in front of others.

Integrated illuminated letters

Installing the embossed illuminated letters in the covered bond creates nice feeling. The big logo is done by the look of illuminated channel letter from acrylic, which gives more accent to the sign itself.

What is bond?

Bond is the popular name for an aluminum composite panel. The term etalbond is also widely used in Bulgaria (referred to by a popular brand). In fact, it is a sandwich of two aluminum sheets, between which there are third but from plastic. In most cases, this plastic is polyethylene.
By that the complete aluminum composite panel is light and comfortable to work with. It can be easily cut and processed even on the location of the customer. It’s biggest advantage is that it’s temperature fluctuations are much smaller than those of the aluminum one.

Why bond filling?

The bond fillings (etalbond) are extremely durable. With quality materials used, the life-span of the filling is at least 30 years. The etalbond doesn’t age, and its surface is treated against dust retention.
The manufacturing technology of the fillings with bond is like this, because the facades are straight, without bends or any visible curves or other type of irregularities.
The filled with bond facades are beautiful and very durable.

How does the facades filled with bond used in advertising?

In the recent years, combining has become very popular at the filling with bond with different advertising elements. In the composite panel it is easy to integrate any kind of acrylic embossed letters. The fillings can be combined with illuminated channel letters or illuminated signs. The bond is perfect base for gluing with film on thbe advertisement lettering, which gives huge opportunities for various effective design solutions.

Client:  Telekabel

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Pazardjik