Double-sided console illuminated sign Gelato & Pizza, Sofia

Gelato & Latte is a member of the Associazione Italiana Gelatieri and is ranked in the 20 best places for ice cream in the world and in the 50 best in Europe. They make gelato in the Italian style, using milk from their own herd of cows. At Gelato & Latte you can enjoy a wide range of different seasonal flavors.

They turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of elegant and thematic outdoor advertising.

Gelato & Pizza double-sided console illuminated sign

The advertising product is made double-sided and the faces are covered with 3M Translucent Graphic Films. High-class G.O.Q LED modules are used for the illumination. They are proven to be energy efficient and durable, while their technology is safe and does not pose a risk of ignition.

This type of console signs are easy and quick to install, and their construction guarantees durability and stability over time. They are a practical way for any business to create additional emphasis on their outdoor advertising.

Why choose a sign for your advertisement?

One of the most appropriate ways to present your business are illuminated signs. In this way you allow customers to notice you. Depending on the purpose and motives of the specific business, can be made illuminated or non-illuminated, indicative, informational and others.

The Media Design Advertising Agency team uses materials with guaranteed quality: 3M film, plexiglass, stainless steel, alurapid and LEDs from the most prestigious manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers durable and functional products with a minimum of 2 years warranty. In addition their life is much longer, and this makes them an excellent investment with multiple returns.

Client: Gelato & Latte

Date: March 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia