Advertising agency Media Design designed, manufactured and mounted double-sided illuminated totem Plovdiv for the high school of electronics and electrical engineering “PGEE” in Plovdiv.

“Professional School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering” in Plovdiv is one of the elite high schools in and around the city. It trains technicians and specialists in the electrical, electronic and information technology industries.

The training course is four years and the high school is set up as an elite school, giving specific degree – secondary education. In the first year since its establishment in 1962. 5 classes with different professions were found in the school.

For recognizing and advertising “PGEE” Plovdiv, we mounted and installed double-sided illuminated advertising totem in the schoolyard.

The totem of PGEE Plovdiv with important message

Led by the interior and the new technologies of the high school, we knew we had to design a totem that stands out. We used an aluminum composite panel. The totem is made up of individual bond modules. We designed non-illuminated from 10mm transparent acrylic „type sandwich“, in order to show the high school technological forward thinking. They are best able to give elegance and show the discipline of the school. We used special technology, so that the letters can be self-adhesive. This makes mounting them too easy, without further assistance from an experienced craftsman.

Illuminated logo on a totem Plovdiv

For the high school logo to stand out and be recognizable, we mounted 3mm blue acrylic with built-in LED illumination. Since it is extremely important to present the correct colors of the logo of the customer, we used film for illuminated adverts 3M , which we placed over the logo with blue acrylic. The illumination modules we installed is made by one of the leaders in it’s industries – G.O.Q. LED. They are different from the others because they are energy-efficient, shine bright and have a long-lasting work life Totem Plovdiv.

Client:  PGEE Plovdiv

Date:  February 2020

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv