We produced and installed illuminated channel letters for Dynamic Service Plovdiv. The outdoor advertising contains the logo and the main services of the company.

A high quality Illuminated advertising for Dynamic Service Plovdiv

The channel letters are manufactured of aluminum profiles and acrylic. On the face of the letters is applied 3M Translucent Film. To make the logo looks the same way as the original we used red and blue film colors. The illuminated channel letters “Auto and Electro Service” are also in red color to fit the design of the building. Thanks to the quality G.O.Q. LED modules the letters light bright and effective. They are backed in 3-year warranty.

All the advertising elements for the Car service are mounted on the roof on stable metal construction. The safety installation ensures perfect visibility from a long distance.

Client:  Dynamic Car Service

Date:  January 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv