Initially, the idea for UAV, known as a drone, was meant for military intelligence purposes. In the last 10 years, however, we witness an increase in commercial interest in quadcopters, especially in the field of photography. Thanks to all social media platforms, now everyone can easily share their photos. The quadcopters are easy to operate. This happens either with a remote control or with a mobile application.

DJI Bulgaria is an authorized distributor of DJI quadcopters in Bulgaria. They offer high-quality camera drones, accessories, batteries, and many more. Besides that, there you will find a DJI flight simulator.

Advertising agency Media Design was responsible for the branding of their store in Sofia Ring Mall.

Elegant advertising installations

We created two attractive signs with aluminum systems that we mounted on the two opposite walls of the store. They contribute to a more elegant and unique atmosphere. For their manufacturing, we chose high-quality aluminum systems for textile signage and G.O.Q. LED modules.

What are the advantages of the aluminum systems

In fact, the aluminum systems allow many opportunities for creating different (in size) advertising installations. They can be single or double-sided illuminated. The assembly technology allows fast and easy change of the advertising message. They can be mounted directly on the wall or on a special construction if they are double-sided. Their biggest advantage is their elegance. The signs become even more attractive when you add LED modules.

They are suitable for decorating retail shops, malls, restaurants, different exhibitions, fairs, etc.

Client:  DJI Bulgaria

Date:  November 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia