Modern beauty salon needed an effective and stylish outdoor ad, to attract people’s attention and to impress even from the entrance door. Advertising agency Media Design finished this project while branding the site with a sustainable and elegant sign with vinyl and wrapping from etalbond. 10 years the beauty salon Grande in Etropole is being happy with it’s unchanged from the weather conditions outdoor advertisement.

Distinguishable sign at Etropole perfectly fits the style of the salon

Illuminated sign at Etropole was manufactured from a sustainable system for signs – with aluminum profile and vinyl. The profile is in stylish black color and perfectly fits the printed graphics. The vinyl advertisement is also on a black background, on which we can clearly see the lettering in yellow and colorful picture.

These types of signs differentiate not only with sustainability and strength but also with a perfect outside look. The specialized aluminum profile perfectly stretches the vinyl canvas and the sign looks completely flat. The advertising sign at Etropole was illuminated with bright and energy-efficient LED lighting. We again preferred the illumination modules from the Korean company G.O.Q LED which have proven their reliability and safety in multiple projects. And like that, we provided even longer life for the advertisement the salon Grande.

Wrapping from Etalbond advanced the vision for the salon

To make the ad stand out from the facade of the building, we dressed the side columns with black etalbond. We added a yellow accent with which the wrapping combined with the advertising in Etropole. Using etalbond also guarantees sustainability and longevity. The material is not affected by the outside atmospheric conditions and remains unchanged even after years as you can see on the pictures from December 2019. Despite that, with it, we put a new modern vision on branding sites, which was needed by the beauty salon.

Client:  Beauty salon Grande

Date:  April 2010

Warranty: 3 years

City: Etropole