Stylish advertising signs

As a company with established positions on the market, Spetema is always looking for ways to expand its business. In addition to that, we manufactured elegant and stylish advertising signs for them. They are specifically designed for interior use. They are light and entirely made from Plexiglas, which allows them to be easily assembled and mounted. The precise manufacture of the signs guarantees perfect assembly and a stylish appearance that is suitable for any interior.

Alluring long-lasting advertising elements

To re-create the logo of the company we used high-quality 3M self-adhesive film. The film protects the acrylic from scratching, plus, you can easily switch the advertising design of the elements.

After they are mounted, the ad does not require any additional maintenance. This is due to the embedded G.O.Q. LED diodes. They provide bright and lasting illumination (up to 7 years). Besides that, they guarantee safe advertising installations.

Client:  Spetema caffe

Date:  October 2013

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv