Impuls Property Group Ltd. is a prosperous company established in 2006, specializing in investment and construction. In 2012 the company was awarded by the Chamber of Builders with the annual award “Construction Perspective 2012”.

The company turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of an engraved metal sign for their building.

Elegant metal sign for Impuls Property Group

The company chose a metallic engraved sign to place a luxurious accent on their building. The design of the product combines perfectly with the elegant look of the building. The function of the sign is also informative, as the created visual communication gives clear and specific information.

An effective solution for every business

When choosing engraved metal plates for your building, you get an effective solution for attracting attention. The Media Design Advertising Agency team will offer you a variety of types and ways of production, as well as a plan-strategy for placing them in the right places. Our main priority is the production of beautiful and durable products that will serve every business in the best possible way.

Client: Impuls Property Group

Date: April 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv