The concept of the Kilo Store is to give new life to recycled vintage clothing. With its ecological and environmentally friendly mission, the brand has become widely recognized throughout Europe.

The management of the store turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of an attractive outdoor advertisement, which will distinguish the vision of the site.

Embossed channel letters for Kilo Store, Plovdiv.

Our team created an advertising vision of the Kilo Store in channel letters. They are embossed, which means that two different materials are combined to create them. In this case, the base is made of PVC and the face is made of colored Plexiglas. The brand logo with the iconic scale is recreated in the same way.

This type of embossed products are most often self-adhesive. For this purpose, our team uses specialized double-sided adhesive sheets from 3M, a leader in the field of adhesive materials.

How to create an advertising vision?

Media Design Advertising Agency offers a wide range of advertising products – illuminated and non-illuminated signs, channel letters, vinyls with attractive graphics and film. Our experienced specialists will assist you to the maximum in choosing the appropriate thematic advertising look.

As an authorized 3M manufacturer we work with high-end materials that guarantee durability and resilience for years to come. In this way, the created advertising products would serve you for a long time and effectively.

Client: Kilo Store

Date: November 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv