Client: Men fashion Styler

Date: April 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Embossed letters

City: Plovdiv

One of the leading men fashion brands, started their business in the City under the hills more than a quarter of a century ago, once again chose a stylish and remarkable presentation. Our partners from Styler trusted Media Design about the reputation advertisеment for their shop. We offered an elegant way of branding that suited perfectly to the store’ interior design.

Non-illuminated embossed letters – a practical solution for each type of business

This type of  channel letters is extremely suitable for indoor advertising. The letters are lightweight and easy to mount on different surfaces because of their self-adhesive backing. The adhesive layer is highly resistant and flexible that helps to bond wood, metals, glass, painted surfaces, and more.

Even non-specialists can mount the letters or logo so there are many cases in which our clients install themselves the letters. Embossed letters type “sandwich” have an impressive vision too. There are many combinations of materials that create an attractive look of the ads.

The attractive letters Styler decorated the interior of the store

In the concrete case, desks at Styler’ store have a gloss black mirror surface. We used these properties of the base and increase the embossed effect of the letters. The lettering Styler is made of 10 mm clear acrylic and 3M film in brand colors on the backing. Glossy look of the embossed letters and this of the black desk are combined perfectly. The mirror effect of the base created additional depth and relief of the letters.

We justified the trust of Styler and transformed the interior of their store, adding a further dose of style and elegance.