One of the leading brands for male fashion started its business in the city located under the hills more than a quarter-century ago. They trusted us again for a stylish and memorable presentation. Our friends from the company Styler trusted us completely for the choice of ads in their office. We offered them an elegant solution for a very spectacular vision, which fits ideally into the modern interior of the store.

Non-illuminated embossed letters – a practical solution for any type of business

These types of channel letters are extremely suitable for indoor advertising. The inscriptions are lightweight and easy to mount on different surfaces, thanks to the fact, that they are designed to be self-adhesive. On the back, alongside each letter, there is a stable and flexible double-sided tape, which helps to attach the channel letters to a tree, metal, glass, colored walls, and others.

Anyone can handle the mounting on the finished letters or logo and often our clients mount them themselves in the desired place.

In addition to the easy and quick installation, the channel letters type „sandwich“, have a very impressive vision. We offer different options about the fillings with different combinations of materials, which achieves an attractive layout for our ads.

The attractive letters for desk with the logo Styler complimented the interior

In this case, the desks in the company store Styler have a black mirror-glossy surface. We used these properties for the base of the ad and they reinforced the effect of the channel letters for the desk. The lettering Styler is made of 10mm transparent acrylic in combination with a film, based on the company logo colors, glued to the back. The glossy look of the advertising letters for desk is combined greatly with the black surface and the logo stood out even more. The glossy effect on the base created additional depth and relief of the letters.

We again justified the trust for the company Styler and we redecorated their store interior, adding another dose of style and elegance to the shop.

Client:  Man’s fashion Styler

Date:  April 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv