Kammarton Bulgaria EOOD is a trading company registered as a representative office in 1991 and as a trading company in 1992. The company represents over 190 leading industrial companies from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and others, and most of them are the only official representative for the local market. The company offers a wide variety of industrial and construction equipment, tools, consumables and personal protective equipment, providing both warranty and post-warranty service.

Embossed PVC letters

Embossed letters are made in two ways. For Kammar Ton we created self-adhesive embossed letters with a thickness of 25mm. In this way, the embossed letters are mounted directly on the wall, and it is only necessary to remove the double-adhesive protector and press it.

The secret of high strength and durability lies in the use of specialized double-sided adhesive sheets of 3M – a leader in the field of adhesives. The double-sided product withstands high temperatures and is laser cut together with the letter material itself. In this way, the excellent look of the advertising product is achieved.

Why to choose embossed letters?

Beautiful and elegant, these promotional items are durable and strong. They are also suitable for outdoor and indoor use. You have the opportunity to choose the vision you want and turn it into your trademark.

Client:  Kammar Ton

Дата:  Август 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv