We wrapped a car of the energy drink Versace distributor for the Czech Republic with an impressive advertising graphics. A film with the beverage advertising is placed on the side, on the hood and on the track lit of the car.

Versace print on car representing Versace Energy Drink

The typical features for Versace are placed on both sides and on the back of the car. They are made of cut 3M Scotchcal 50 film, respectively in golden color.  A graphic with the beverage image is printed on the hood, which is made of 3M Scotchcal IJ40 film for digital printing with laminate.

With the so-called combination of films, the wrapped car has achieved an eye-catching and alluring advertising look. In this project, the client demanded shiny, chic, like the Versace brand advertising. We have managed to create advertising that fits both the product and the customer. The Versace Energy Drink was presented with the right vision so the car won’t be overlooked.

Client:  Versace Energy Drink

Date:  June 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Czech Republic