Gelato is an Italian artisanal ice cream, which is distinguished by its specific and memorable taste. It is usually lower in fat than other types of frozen desserts and has a thicker, richer taste. At Perte – Gelato & Café you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of temptations and aromatic coffee drinks.

The management turned to Advertising Agency Media Design for the production of an elegant advertisement for the facade of the site.

Etalbond sign for Perte – Gelato & Café

The Perte – Gelato & Café sign was made of black matt Etalbond, covered with PVC film inscriptions. In recent years, composite panel signs assignments have increased many times over, due to the strength and durability of the material. Its reasonable price is another plus to the stylish and elegant look.

Once installed, they remain unchanged over time. Excellent choice for store branding, column cladding, site signs in more polluted industrial areas and interior signs.

Sign instead of a business card

The signs can be made in an extremely attractive way, so there is no need for additional presentation to your customers. With products of this type you can inspire confidence and reliability, as well as emphasize your corporate identity and style.

The Media Design Advertising Agency team has many years of experience in the field of outdoor advertising, which gives us the necessary knowledge to design and implement even the most complex and complex projects.

Client: Perte – Gelato & Café

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv