The St. Luka Medical Eye Center choose Media Design Advertising Agency for the implementation of a project for the production and installation of illuminated advertising, which would successfully differentiate the medical institution. Our team created an illuminated sign for them with embedded elements and backlit channel letters.

Etalbond sign with embedded golden stainless steel letters – Medical Eye Center “St. Luke”

The illuminated sign is made with a base of Etalbond in graphite color. The inscription “eye center” is made of 10 mm transparent plexiglass and golden stainless steel for the face. The embedded letters “St. Luke” are entirely with a face and pages of golden inox.

The other Etalbond sign represents the logo of the center and is created with embedded elements of the same material, illuminated backwards and forwards.

The advertising products are illuminated with high-class LED modules from the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. These diodes contain a Samsung chip and are proven to be durable, economical and safe.

Spectacular advertising with embedded letters

The embedded plexiglass letters are an excellent solution for making spectacular signs. Their face can be made of stainless steel, PVC film or other Plexiglas color, depending on the desired vision.

The system with embedded letters is ideal for branding any type of retail businesses. As a result, you get a practical and elegant advertisement that will serve you for years.

Client: Medical Eye Center “St. Luke”

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv