Branding Eurofootball center in Plovdiv with an illuminated sign

For one of the Eurofootball centers in Plovdiv, located on “Shesti Septemvri” Blvd., next to the Jet car wash, we have created illuminated outdoor advertising.

We branded the site with illuminated signs according to its location. Since the bookmaker center is a continuation of the building of the car wash, it was appropriate to put signs to distinguish it. The other feature of this Eurofootball in Plovdiv is that it is located at a corner. Based on these specific details, the signs are placed on both sides so they form a corner sign. In both day and night, signs are perceived as an entire and clearly stand out.

We used the system with aluminum profiles returns, flexible substrate, and face film, and LED illumination. This combination of materials guarantees perfect appearance and high durability.

The flexible substrate is stretched perfectly and looks like it is flat, thanks to the special grip of the aluminum profiles. The tighter, the tougher the signs are. The face of the sign is a 3M Panagraphics III flexible substrate with an applied translucent film of the 3M 2330 series. The LED modules are from the Korean company G.O.Q. LED, which has become a leading company in this sector. Produced in this way, the signs shine without changing the color and brightness.

Client:  Eurofootball

Date:  October 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv