Bar 28 is located in the heart of the Kapana district in Plovdiv. The place is a favorite of many Plovdiv residents, as well as foreign visitors to the city. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy quality drinks while immersed in the ART vibes of the place.

The management of the bar trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of two products to complete the vision of the bar.

Exterior and interior sign for Bar 28

The first product that our team made for Bar 28 is an exterior sign. It is made of black matte etalbond, which was wrapped with PVC film inscriptions. The sign is installed directly to the facade, but its size and thickness create additional volume.

The interior sign is made of transparent Plexiglas. To recreate the Bar 28 logo again, the sign was covered with PVC film. This product was installed with six holders, which take it forward and also create a more massive look.

Why to choose signs for your advertisement?

The presence of signs is an unspoken rule that every business faces at some point. In this way, you not only brand your site, but you stand out and become easily recognizable to customers. Well made and with an elegant look, the sign can become your business card.

Advertising Agency Media Design has a team of professionals who have realized a lot of complex and precise projects for outdoor advertising. Our customers can receive effective and long-lasting solutions for exterior and interior signs.

Client: Bar 28

Date: March 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv