Forum Trakia – perfect channel letters even after almost 9 years

The sign of the shopping center was made with an allurapid system and acrylic. A durable system for illuminated channel letters, which also looks perfect. The font of the Forum sign has more rounded corners, and this favors the production of this type of channel letters.

The channel letters of Forum Trakia are with a red acrylic face, and the returns are made of allurapid. They are mounted on the roof of the mall on a stable metal structure. The fit between the materials is robust to ensure greater resistance to wind pressure, which is more significant on the top of the building. And after 9 years, the illuminated letters are of excellent appearance and they proved their strength. To illuminate the large letters, we used the Korean modules G.O.Q.LED with a 3-year warranty and at least 5 years of trouble-free operation.

Client:  Forum Trakia

Date:  March 2008

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv