Multiple advertising installations for Residential Complex “Yuzhen”

The flexible face signs are extremely suitable for creating elegant advertising installations. The aluminum profiles allow you to stretch the banner perfectly and have a wrinkle-free advertising graphic.

For the branding of Residential Complex “Yuzhen” we created identical aesthetically-looking ads that fit the architectural style of the buildings.

Fast and easy switch of the advertising message

In reality, the switch/change of the advertising message can be done fast and easy. This is due to the aluminum frame systems. Since the ads are non-illuminated, we designed them with an option for mounting electrical installation in the future (upon request by the client).

When branding different buildings with such advertising installations we satisfy both the owners of the buildings and the owners of the retail stores. One has perfectly looking buildings,  while the others have advertising signs that can easily be personalized to their specific needs and business field.

Long-lasting advertising signs

The advertising signs with vinyl banners and aluminum sign systems are extremely durable. The banner is perfectly clipped and does not allow heavy wind and humidity to ruin the graphics. This is important for the electrical (LED) installation. The biggest advantage of this type of advertising signs is the durability of the aluminum profiles, they do not rust throughout the years and remain unchanged for a great period of time.

Client:  Residential Complex “Yuzhen”

Date:  May 2013

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv