Bus branding – full public transport (bus) branding with advertising graphics. Space Plan is focused on trading with furniture imported from Italy. They received a creative mega board sign. Full branding of vehicles is the perfect solution for mobile advertising that aims to be displayed to many people. Besides the passengers, the advertising message can reach many pedestrians, other vehicles, and even companies located near main roads and boulevards.

Bus branding with full-color printing

The branding on the lower part of the bus is accomplished with full-color printing in combination with 3M overlaminates. The combination of automotive film and overlaminates is meant to cover the most vulnerable spots of the vehicle in order to protect them from scratches and exposure to bad weather conditions that might damage the paint. The upper part of the ad is accomplished with high-quality perfo film, designed for branding automotive glass, showcases, glass partitions, and many more.

Why choose Media Design for the branding of your vehicle?

We use self-adhesive films by the leaders on the market – the American company 3M. Besides easy application and the best warranty conditions, 3M films allow you to remove the film, without any adhesion leftovers. Most of the 3M films are designed with acrylic adhesive. The removable adhesive allows easy dis-mounting even when it is done by non-professionals. Thus, the branding of the bus with advertising graphics does not damage the paint.

Other than the following necessary technical specifications during the branding of the bus, we have over 23 years of experience in this business – design, quality, meeting deadlines, mounting, as well as a full warranty. This guarantees perfect applications that will last long after the warrantied period.

Client:  Space Plan

Date:  September 2009

Warranty: 2 years