Media Design created a brand new look for Eurocatena’s company truck. The firm is focused on trading with tires and offering car service. We achieved the branding of the vehicle by combining different types of 3M self-adhesive films.

Eurocatena’s Plovdiv with new car wrap films

For the full branding of the vehicle, we used 3M 1080 self-adhesive film. The main color of the branding is yellow 1080M-15 Yellow Matte. This color is very attractive and ensures creative graphics that stand out. In contrast to the background, we applied the other elements of the ad in black (1080 M12 – Matte Black). For the white lines and the logo on the front hood, we used 3M 1080 White Pearl.

Advertising elements with 3M self-adhesive reflective film

The “SOS” and “Eurocatena” inscriptions on the sides and the doors are applied with a black reflective film that illuminated in white during night time. 3M self-adhesive films embody high high-quality and durability. Using 3M materials is a guarantee for outstanding advertising installations. For the Eurocatena we used 3M reflective film – thus, we emphasized on the most important details that are visible 24-hours a day.

The backside of the truck is applied with a black stripe that applied on the edge of the doors (similar to a frame). For the purpose, we used reflective film that ensures visible “marking” advertising.

3M 1080 is meant for applications on textured surfaces. It bonds perfectly to the surface by ensuring bubble-free applications. Besides being a 3M authorized manufacturer, we are proud of our highly professional team that approaches all challenges by applying the self-adhesive film on textured surfaces with a high level of precision. This allows us to guarantee lasting outdoor advertisings.

The created advertising design for Eurocatena Ltd. is attractive and visible both during day and night time.

Client:  Eurocatena Ltd.

Date:  September 2016

Warranty:  2 years

Location:  Plovdiv