Chochko cakes are famous for their rich collection of desserts and sweets. Made with exquisite products and love, Chochko’s desserts are perfect for every holiday or special moment. As of today, the company has locations in one of Bulgaria’s largest cities.

As an advertising company, we have collaborated with Chochko cakes many times. This time we had to create unique branding for their company vehicles. For this purpose, we used high-quality advertising materials by the American company 3M, for which we are an authorized manufacturer.

Vehicle branding with 3M film for Chochko cakes

The logo is a multi-colored inscription applied on all sides of the vehicle. The specific design and colorful print of the ad are easily recognizable. The logo is the largest printed advertising element.

For the sticker, we used 3M Scotchcal IJ170 Cv3, designed for applications on surfaces with slight 3D curves. To protect the graphic we used 3M gloss overlaminate.

On the sides of the vehicle, we applied the all contact information and web address of the company. For all advertising/information stickers we used 3M Scotchcal 50. This film is the perfect choice for vehicle branding. It provides maximum durability and resistance to bad weather conditions to which vehicles are exposed to.

Our professionalists approached the branding with great precision. The newly branded vehicle stands out in the “ocean” full of advertisements. Thus, we achieved an effective and attractive advertising look.

Client:  Chochko cakes

Date:  April 2017

Warranty:  3 years

Location:  Plovdiv