Attractive and lasting vehicle branding

SIXT company vehicles received attractive and lasing advertising created by Media Design’s professionalists. The used self-adhesive film bonds perfectly to the vehicle, providing bubble-free applications. Our team made sure to create a perfect look for their vehicles.

High quality at a spectacular price

Rent-a-car companies often re-brand their vehicles. Similar to that, SIXT needs a serious business partner for re-branding their vehicles with automotive self-adhesive film. In this case, we have to take into consideration the fact that these vehicles are being rented for a short period of time (approximately around 2-3 months). Thanks to the high-quality advertising materials used by us, SIXT received perfect branding at a perfect price. We offered high-quality 3M film that can resist exposure to bad weather conditions, heavy wind, rain, and humidity.

Fast and easy self-adhesive film removal

One of the biggest advantages of branding with high-quality self-adhesive films is the easy removal process – for only one hour, we can restore the original look of a vehicle. Thanks to the special adhesive system you can be sure that there will be no adhesion leftovers on the vehicle’s surface. 3M production technology is unique: it provides perfect bonding while ensuring easy film removal.

Stylish and attractive! An ad for a bigger brand

Lately, famous tobacco companies choose to promote their brand with a very simple but effective design. This is, to some extent, because of the ban to advertise the packages of their final product. In reality, this sets up new standards for advertising cigarettes regardless of the used channel. The same goes for vehicle branding.

Vehicles branded by Media Design are with an attractive, catchy, and interesting design. A successful brand such as L&B is easily recognized and associated with their products.

Client:  Sixt

Date:  August 2019

Warranty:  2 years