Autopro is one of the well-developed online shops for quality auto parts. It opened in 2010 and thanks to the great customer servicehigh-quality products, and the high level of professionalism, the company managed to establish leading positions on the market.

Re-branding of Autopro company vehicle

The company turned to us for the re-branding of one of their company vehicles. We changed the appearance of Autopro’s vehicle and increased brand recognition. Its new vision guarantees 24-hour visibility.

For the branding, we chose the high-quality 3M self-adhesive film. The sides of the vehicle are applied with 3M Scotchcal 50. This film is designed for applications on surfaces with slight 3D curves.

The logo of the company was achieved by combining red and black, following the initial idea of the logo. The other elements are also applied with 3M Scotchcal 50.

Our clients were happy with the achieved results and the branding of the bus. Creating a catchy and attractive design is the most important thing about vehicle branding.

Client:  Autopro quality parts

Date:  April 2017

Warranty:  3 years

Location:  Plovdiv