Illuminated channel letters for salon furniture – Cristiano Brusardi, Sofia

The Media Design Advertising Agency team made excellent-looking channel letters for furniture salons Kristiano Brusardi, Sofia. The inscriptions and the logo of the company are made entirely of black Plexiglas. The details of the channel letters are precisely made so that even when viewed up close they are perfect. They look stylish and are an ideal advertisement for exquisite classic and baroque furniture for the office and home.

Elegant outdoor advertising

The channel letters Kristiano Brussardi, which are made entirely of Plexiglas, look like outcrops. The material allows to make letters in which the assembly is very fine and not noticeable. The choice of stylish black color for the inscription and the logo are very elegant advertising, which testifies to the customer the quality of the offered products.

Economical and bright illumination of channel letters with LEDs

To illuminate the channel letters and the Cristiano Brusardi logo we used G.O.Q LEDs. LEDs that glow with high brightness. The spectacular backlight (halo) lighting makes the channel letters very attractive, especially in the evening. Strong diode light is not associated with high current bills. On the contrary, LEDs are super economical and save a lot of electricity. In this case, the size of these channel letters does not allow them to incorporate any type of lighting other than LED.

Stable and durable etalbond base

For greater structural strength and good appearance of the advertisement, the channel letters are attached to etalbond. It is used for cladding and base for construction with spacers. Etalbond is highly resistant and is often used in the installation of outdoor advertising.

Client:  Kristiano Brusardi

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia