The recently opened Milkies welcome its customers and offer them irresistible offers for both drinking and eating. There you will find a rich variety of delicious temptations that will make you come back again and again.

The Milkies management turned to the Advertising Agency Media Design for the production of a representative advertisement, which would direct the passers-by to the new jewel in the city.

Illuminated acrylic face signs for Milkies, Shumen

The advertising items were made with black plexiglass pages and opal-colored face. High-quality translucent film was also installed to create beautiful and attractive lighting.

The first illuminated sign was mounted on the facade of the building, and the second inside it. Their elegant and attractive look, in combination with the selected colors creates a friendly and fresh advertisement.

Attract the attention with an illuminated advertising

Advertising agency Media Design produced illuminated acrylic face signs, and we perform the lighting only with proven quality manufacturers of LED modules. For Milkies we used the guaranteed safe and reliable diodes of the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. Their technology allows you to save not only on maintenance but also on electricity costs.

Client: Milkies

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Shumen