Illuminated acrylic menu

The Illuminated menu for EuroHospital’s Cafeteria, located in Plovdiv, is made from aluminum sign systems. The different parts of the menu are illuminated with LED modules. The aluminum profiles are suitable for advertising installations that are going to be viewed from up close. Compared to the standard inox steel constructions, aluminum one ensures a much more elegant appearance of the ads.

The face of the ad is made from Plexiglas, which enables you to write directly on its surface using OHP markers. This way you can easily make any changes such as re-write prices, meals, add different products, and so on.

The electricity consumption of illuminated signage is the most important feature that clients should pay attention to. Using LED modules decreases electricity consumption up 85%. This statistic points out that G.O.Q. LED modules can be exploited for much longer than most illuminating methods. In fact, they ensure at least 6-7 years of work before maintenance is required.

Client:  EuroHospital Cafeteria

Date:  October 2013

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv