Lilly Drogerie’s first store opens in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2010.

Lilly Drogerie non-illuminated and illuminated ads – signs Pleven

Currently, “Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria” operates in more than 85 stores throughout the country, with an increasing number of stores each year.

Over the years they offer us the most quality cosmetics, products for maintaining personal hygiene, products for kids, baby items, food additives, perfumes, bioproducts, and others. They trusted us in developing illuminated and non-illuminated signs.

The film we stick to the vinyl is from 3M 2330 Scotchcal Translucent Film, which is characterized by high quality, long life, and a long warranty. For the lighting, we put LED modules on the Korean company G.O.Q LED™.

Illuminated ads Pleven

With the implementation of the Samsung chips, 3 years warranty and it’s very low price – the sign stands out brightly, no matter at what part of the day.

For the non-illuminated sign with vinyl, we used full-printing color on a metal frame. The exact color’s on the ad sign it gives the exact corporate identity of Lilly Drogerie.

Together mounted, it is almost impossible to miss the store. The illuminated and non-illuminated signs made by us with vinyl are with up to 3 years of warranty, and their lifetime can surely pass 10 years

Client:  Lilly Drogerie

Date:  December 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv